Jewel of the Universe is the first in a hoped-for series of works that will focus on the vibrancy, uniqueness and beauty of the Earth.

Created by English-Chinese artist Chris Chamberlain, Jewel of the Universe shows the entire world from a God-like perspective of looking down from space. It consists of around a third of a million hand-cut pieces of stained glass - with 97% of those pieces having been cut by the artist himself. It also consists of 260 carats of natural cut jewels including sapphires, aquamarines, zircons and a single diamond, with each jewel indicating a city.

Click here for a list of those jewels by country and city

Rubies and emeralds indicate spiritual centres such as Jerusalem and Mecca. Thousands of turquoise-coloured pieces, each the size of a grain of rice, depict the great lakes and rivers of the world such as the Nile, Amazon, Yangtze, Mississippi and Ganges.

Click here for feedback from people who saw it during its exhibition at the ROA Gallery, Pall Mall, London in December 2012